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Mantra to Increase Milk in Cows, Buffaloes

This Mantra to increase milk in cows and buffaloes. There is also Mantra To Make Cattle Healthier, this mantra promises to increase the yield from these domesticated cattle.

The cattle feed which you feed your cows and buffaloes has to be infused by taking some of it in your right hand and then chanting this mantra 1000 times. Then the infused feed has to mixed with the stock of the cattle feed in your home.

This mantra is from the Veerbhadrodadisha Tantra, an uncommon and rarely spoken about Indian Tantra.

Mantra in English

Om Hreem Kaaraalini Purushsukham Mukham Tham Tham ||

Mantra in Sanskrit

ॐ ह्रीं कारालिनि पुरुष्सुखं मुखं थं थं

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