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Maharashtra state government allows loudspeakers till midnight for Ganesh Utsav

During the 10-day Ganesh festival starting from September 19, BJP MLA Madhuri Misal has requested state government to allow public to play loud speakers till midnight indicating a Supreme Court ruling in this regard. He also requested for extension in deadline for using loud speakers. During the Ganesh festival such extension can be granted by the state government.

According to the Supreme Court guidelines for playing loud speakers have indicated a deadline of 10 pm. However, on 15 days in a year an extension in the deadline can be granted . During these festivity 15 days, till midnight people can play loud speakers .

Misal said, “The data collected shows that out of the 15 days, the exemption remains unutilised on six to seven days. Therefore, the government should increase the number of days from three to 10 when deadline extension is being granted for the Ganesh festival.

Under the Right To Information Act. Information was also sought whether any groups had applied for permission to play loud speakers till midnight during the remaining six to seven days. The data of the last six years revealed that no group had asked for such permission. The minister for environment and others concerned should organise a meeting and change the days on which the 10 pm deadline can be extended.”

The Maharashtra state government has immediately identified these festivity 15 days as per the religious, social and national festivals. During the Ganesh festival, out of these, deadline extension is given for three days for this festival. Other than the specified three days strict action will be taken against all those mandal workers if any particular mandal is found largely playing loud speakers after the fixed timing of 10 pm. The charges or fine framed under violation of the Noise Pollution (Control and Regulation) Rules is Rs.2000, against pandal found flouting this particular rule.

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