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Madhavapperumal Temple, Mylapore, Chennai

Sri Madhavapperumal temple is located in Mylapore, Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is about 500 years old. The official name of this temple is Sri Arulmigu Madhavapperumal Tirukkoil. The presiding deity is Madhavapperumal.

The other important deity is Aravinda Madhavan and Mother Goddess is Amirthavalli. The Holy tree in the temple premises is Punnai (Mast Wood tree) and the holy water is Santhaana Pushkarini. The type of pooja conducted in this temple is known as Vaikaanasam. In the holy religious texts and literature, the name of this place is mentioned as Madhavapuram.

The important festivals that are celebrated in grand manners are Tirukkalyaanam (Holy Marriage) on Panguni Uthiram, Float festival in Maasi month, Brahmotsavam during Chithirai month, Ramanavami, Aadippooram, Chitra Purnima, Navarathiri, Tamil New Year, Deepavalli, Pongal and Shivarathri.

This temple is kept open continuously from early morning to evening without a break for Lord’s Darshan for the devotees. Devotees from far and near places visit daily for worshiping at this temple with great devotion and dedication towards the Lord.

The nearby temples are Mundakkanni Amman Koil and Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar temple. The deities in Sri Madhavapperumal temple are Baala Anjaneyar, Bhuvaraahapperumal, Ramar and Aandaal. It is to be noted that the Prime deity appears as in wedding and in sitting posture.

The devotees wholeheartedly perform special tirumanjanam (holy bath) with devotion and dedication to the Divine couple. It is to be remembered that worshipping this deity will be immediately blessed with good spouses and early marriage without any difficulties.

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