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Madanmohan-jiu Temple, Mellock, Samta in West Bengal

Madanmohan-jiu Temple is also known locally as Gopaler Mondir. It is located in Mellock, near Samta in the state of West Bengal. The literal meaning of the temple is known as the temple of Gopala.

The primary deity of this temple is Radha Krishna. The important festivals that are celebrated in this temple are Janmastami and Holi. The Radha and Madangopal-jiu temple is large, terracotta ornamented and beautiful. In Bengal, this particular temple is one of the largest ‘atchala’ (roof with 8 slopes) temples.

The temple was built in 1651 AD by Mukundaprasad Roychowdhury who was a famous wrestler in this region during those times. The temple is actually situated on the banks of the Rupnarayan River. The temple is locally known as “The Temple of The Respected Lord”.

The other important festival celebrated in this temple are Dol Yatra celebrations and Holi is grandly held with festivity on a Purnima (full-moon day) every year. On the day of Janmashtami in this temple special pujas are held for the devotees.

According to the local legends, a person prays at this temple then the Lord helps in reducing the malefic direct and indirect effect of afflicted Jupiter, assist in obtaining sidhi, for overall spiritual and materialistic development and for all type of excellent results and achieve higher education of students.

As per the priest of the temple, “A hundred Ashvamedh Yagyas equivalent is giving charity and taking bath in Rupnarayan River on the auspicious day of kartik purnima. A large number of devotees from the nook and corner of West Bengal visit this temple.

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