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Lord Ganesh in Sitting Postures is a common idol all over India

In Rajasthan mural paintings, Lord Ganesh sits on low six or eight sided square-shaped table. However, in many paintings Ganesh sits on ground. Such pictures/paintings were common during 18th to 19th century and adorned wall of palaces and royal buildings.

Sitting postures of Lord Ganesh in different idols are often not perceived as good however this is a misleading perception. Different postures of Lord Ganesh reflect acumen and talent of craftsman who chisel out beautiful iconic postures of Ganesh under traditional rules.

Ease Posture or Lalitasana is commonly occurring postures in which Lord Ganesh sits on a throne with his left leg bent towards back and right leg resting on the ground. However, there are many out-of-traditional or modern designed idols in which Lord Ganesh shows opposite postures.

In sitting posture Lord Ganesh appears to be sitting on a tall seat which is referred to as special throne. In many idols Ganesh seems to be sitting on pedestal of Lotus.

Legs of Lord Ganesh on ground indicate different aspects of God’s character. The leg on ground records indicates the attachment of world affairs while that bent back indicates the Supreme Reality. Even after being a god and still having their presence in the world, Lord Ganesh is totally concentrated on Atman present within.

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