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Lehra Durga Mandir in Maharajganj, UP

Lehra Durga Mandir is located on the bank of the Pawah River which is a tributary of the West Rapti River in the district of Maharajganj in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in Northern India.

This particular Hindu temple is largely dedicated to the goddess Durga. It is just 3km from the Lehra railway station that gives easy access to the devotees to reach this most frequently visited temple by Hindus. On the Gorakhpur-Gonda rail route, it is fifty kilometers from Gorakhpur.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and punits, this temple existed in its actual spot from the days of Dvapara Yuga that is much before the Mahabharat war. According to the local legends, this temple in the presence of Pandavas was founded by Lord Krishna during the Agyatvaas time. This place was covered by the dense forest of Adrvan in those days.

The important festivals of this particular temple that attracts a lot of devotees are Navarathri festival and all the days of poornima in each month as per the Hindu religious calendar. It is to be noted that this is the very old temple of goddess Durga. This temple is also a religious and historical importance one in India. In Maa Lehda Devi Temple, the items related to worship are Prasad, Phool, Narial, Sindoor and Chunri. It is to be noted that any wishes and desire of the devotees are fulfilled immediately by Goddess Durga. The Chaitra Navaratri festival fair deals with clothes, sweets, toys, jewellery plus entertainment program such as theatres, drama and skits.

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