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Legend of Shami Puja : Kautsa’s Guru Dakshina

Shami Puja is one of the important rituals during Navratri and especially on the day of Vijayadashami. The ritual involves the worshipping of Shami Tree by the devotees across the country. There is an interesting story behind this which leads to Kubera raining gold coins on Shami tree.

Legend of Shami Tree: Kautsa’s Guru Dakshina

Kautsa was a young Brahmin who lived in the city of Paithan. His Guru was Sage Varatantu. Upon completing his education, Kautsa wanted to offer his Guru some dakshina. When asked about this, Varatantu said that Kautsa becoming a learned man was enough for him. But Kautsa insisted on that matter and his Guru said that if at all he wanted to give him something, then he could give 140 million gold coins, 10 million for each of the 14 vidyas he had been taught.

But Kautsa was a poor Brahmin and he did not have that money, so he went to King Raghu who was the ancestor of Lord Rama and known for his generosity. King Raghu asked for some time from Kautsa and approached Lord Indra for the favour. Then Indra immediately summoned Kubera who was the God of Wealth to shower gold coins on Shami Tree in the city of Ayodhya. Then Kautsa collected 140 million of them and gave it to his Guru as dakshina. But there was still enough left after that. He wanted to give it back to King Raghu for helping him, but he refused as kings would not take back anything once given. So Kautsa decided to distribute it among the people of Ayodhya . It was on the day of Vijayadashami. Hence people consider giving Shami leaves to one another as giving gold and practice the worship of Shami Tree on this day.

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