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Kurukshetra is Famous for Amavasya Puja Rituals

A historical and religious important place is Kurukshetra in North India. This particular place has social significance to Hindu religious beliefs too.

According to the Hindu religious scholars, pundits and experts, having a dip or bath in the lakes located at this region is same as having in any Sangam or in Kashi. It is to be remembered that Mughal emperor Akbar who belong to Muslim religion had taken bath in one of the lakes in Kurushetra when he visited this place in a holy trip. During solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, devotees from nook and corner of India and abroad throng this place during Sankranti and amavasya days.

It is strongly believed that the fresh water of the lakes of Kurukhetra region comes from Mansarovar and Bhakhada lakes. It is to be highly noted that Manasarovar lake is the abode of Lord Shiva. This fact increases the desires of the devotees to have a bath or dip in this place lakes. It is said that offering prayers and rituals on the bank of these lakes on amavasya day is equal to hundred of Ashwamedh Yajna.

It is highly believed by the Hindus that having a bath or dip in the Brahma Sarovar lake during the Solar eclipse perfectly free the devotees of all types of sins and make them attain salvation. It is to be remembered that the final battle in the great epic Mahabharata happened at this place. According to the religious scriptures cited in a temple says “taking bath in Kashi during Lunar Eclipse and during Solar Eclipse in Kurukshetra is the best.”

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