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Kundalini Yoga – Seven Chakras (Energy Centers)

In the human body are three main channel or nadis as they are called in Sanskrit Ida,Pingala and Shushamna  (In English Sympatic, Parasympatic and Central Nervous Systems), these three nadis are situated along the spinal cord and they run in a curved manner which can be likened to a snake,these three nadis in this curved movement overlap each other and at the various fields of crossing an energy field is created which flows in an circular manner which can be compared to a wheel or a chakra hence the word chakra is used to describe these centers of energy,the frequency of these energy fields increases from the lower to the higher chakra ie. the force which is generated increases from the lower to the higher.

These chakras and the energy which they generate is called the Prana or the life source energy,and this energy controls the entire human body and the chakras individually have a field of operation ie.they control the functions of the area in which they are situated,they not only control the physical parts but also the corresponding mental energy which these parts release.

The seven main Chakra  (Energy Centers)

#1 Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra)

This is the root or the first chakra from which the three nadis the Ida, Pingala and the Shushanma begin their upward movement of energy,this chakra is situated below the spinal cord between the Spinal Cord & Anus, it is said to be red in color and has four wheels or spokes which represent the basic wants of life which are material in nature.The four spokes symbolises the force with which the energy rotates ,the words which correspond to this chakra are LAM.

#2 Swadhisthana Chakra (Sex Chakra)

This chakra is situated about a couple of inches above the muladhara chakra near the ovaries,this chakra has six spokes which represent emotions representing the basic desires like love,anger ,sexual energy and other basic emotions,this chakra effects the gonads.The words which correspond to this chakra are VAM and the colour is violet.

#3 Manipura Chakra (Navel Chakra)

This chakra is situated in the navel area and is associated with will power relating to the basic desires and has ten spokes representing use of fair means or cunningness or other such means to fulfill the basic wants.This chakra effects the pancreas and the corresponding words are RAM and the colour is bright red.

#4 Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra)

This is also called the heart chakra and has twelve spokes representing the ability of taking decisions from the heart rather than decisions based on your emotions,this chakra is the first of the higher chakras as one rises above the basic and materialistic needs,this chakra effects the thymus gland and the corresponding words are YAM and the colour is pink.

#5 Vishuddha Chakra (Throat Chakra)

This chakra is situated in the middle of the neck and effects the thyroid gland,this gland also effects the ability of speech.This chakra gives one the ability for spiritual wisdom and the higher knowledge which is associated with it,there are sixteen spokes associated with this chakra and the corresponding words are HAM and the colour blue.

#6 Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra)

This is the chakra where the three nadis the Ida,pingala and sushamna meet after their climb upwards from the muldhara chakra,this chakra is situated near the pineal gland and is popularly called the third eye because this is the chakra of the mind and has the ability to give one foresight and the higher qualities and the ability to use the full force of the mind’the corresponding words are OM the colour green.

#7 Sahasrara Chakra(Crown Chakra)

this chakra is also called the crown chakra,and is situated on the crown of the head and is golden in colour,this chakra has one thousand spokes and is the chakra from which the life energy in the body rises from the muladhara chakra to the ajna chakra and then through the crown for the ultimate union with god or the universal life energy.

Thus we see how the universal energy functions inside the human body,the seven main chakras are the generators of this energy,the very basis of Kundalini Yoga is meditating on these chakras cleansing their energy and enabling the upward flow to it logical union through the crown chakra with the universal energy in the atmosphere.

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