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Kullu Dasara Rituals

Kullu Dasara is celebrated in the Kullu regions of Himachal Pradesh In India. The festival is celebrated with unique rituals and customs not found anywhere in the country. The Dasara in this region begins on the day of Vijayadashami and continues for seven days.

Rituals of Kullu Dussehra:

As the Legend of Kullu Dasara had it, the King was lifted of his curse after the worship of Lord Raghunath. Hence during this period, the Raja invites all the 365 Gods and Goddesses of the VAlley to Dhalpur to perform a Yagna in the honour of Lord Raghunath. On the first day of the celebration, Goddess Hadimba of Manali who is the Goddess of the royal family comes down to Kullu. The royal stick welcomes her and escorts her to the palace. After blessing the royal family, she comes to Dhalpur.

The idol of Raghunath is saddled around Hadimba and placed in a rath(chariot). More than a hundred Gods and Goddesses are mounted on colourful palanquins and participate in the procession. On the sixth day of the festival, all the deities assemble which is called “Mohalla”.On the last day the rath is again pulled to the banks of river Beas where a pile of thorn bushes and grass is burnt to depict the burning of Lanka and the rath is bought back to its original place. Then Lord Raghunath moves to his temple in Raghunathpur and the festival comes to an end.

It is a hugely popular festival which attracts thousands of visitors from all places. There are lots of shops which open up during the festival and various exhibitions are organised. Apart from these, many cultural activities are also organised during the festival.

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