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Khichdi Amavasya (Khichri Festival)

In Kashmir region in the month of “Posh” that may fall around December or January month in a year is largely celebrated with festivity as Khichdi Amavasya.

The pandits and Kashimiris commonly belief that in the ancient times Kashmir was the permanent home of the “Yakshas”.

In each and every household of Kashmir region, the Hindus prepare Khichri and offer it to “Yakshas” to have it. It is largely believed that “yakshas” do visit the households in order to taste the offered “khichri”.

It is to be remembered that “khichri” is home-made with rice and “moong”. Kuvera is the name an avatar of Lord Shiva. The “amavasya” day is largely dedicated to Kuvera. According to Hindu religious texts and inscriptions, Kuvera is the real guardian God of celestial treasure among the God and Goddesses. The forefathers made it a strong tradition to invite the celestial treasure with home-made “khichri” that really suits the extreme cold condition of Kashmir.

According to the Indian mythology, Yaksha is a male guardian spirit. It is said that Lord Indra appointed the Yakshas in order to guard the treasures hidden inside the roots of trees or in earth. Some regional mythologies even strongly and usually refer to Yakahas as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. It is to be noted that Yakshi is the Yaksha’s female counterpart.

According to the Hindu religious texts and inscriptions, Yakshas are given the perfect status of a semi-god. They are also worshipped as the guardian deities of wells, cities, or lakes.

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