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Ketu – Astrological Information

धूम्रो द्विवाहुर्वरदः सकेतुः मीनासनस्थः करवालपाणिः।
किरीटकेयूरविभूषितो यः सदास्तु मे केतुगणः प्रशान्तः ।।

Sex : Hermophrodite.
Direction : North West.
Lucky stone : Cat’s eye, Lapuz lazulli.
Diety : Ganpati,Bhairav.
Articles of donation : Til, gold, musk, blanket(black & white), sugar, satnaja, lead, saffron, part of   food to black-white dog(on Sunday morning).
Appearance : Tall stature, easily excitable.
Humor & part of the Body : Blood, flesh, cheeks, breast, calves, left eye of male & right of female.
Ailments : Enlargement of spleen, lung trouble, boils, cataract, hydrocele, fever,   stomach pain, pain in body, epidemics etc.
Represents : Spirituality, the lord of sign where it is posited.
Prominent Qualities : Mokaksha karka, mattial and spiritual planet.

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