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Kashmiri Pandits Long to Pilgrimage to Sharda Temple

NEW DELHI, INDIA, July 8, 2001: Longing to pilgrimage to the Sharda Temple in Kishanganga Valley in an area of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan, Kashmiri Pandits have appealed to Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to openly discuss the issue in summit talks with Pakistan President Pervez Musharrat. Since 1990 when Pakistan took over the valley, the 350,000 Pandits who migrated to avoid the militancy have since been denied the privilege of visiting their ancestral temple. Also known as a famous learning centre among Kashmiris, historians have found chronicles highlighting the temple as far back as 1130 ce. For many centuries the Sharda Temple has been the focal point in many pilgrims’ lives. Even though the site is now in ruins, it exudes an awe inspiring glory and Kashmiri Pandits want to worship and express their devotion at the renowned temple complex.

Source : http://www.dailyexcelsior.com/01july09/national.htm#7

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