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Karva Chauth Greeting Cards

Apart from the traditional customs ranging from women wearing bright new clothes and fast the whole day for the long lives of their husbands, the recent trend also include exchanging greetings cards. This can be given to the married woman by her husband or in-laws, or from her own parents and friends. As this traditional festival is not only celebrated in largely agrarian, male-dominated states like Punjab and Uttar Pradesh but also in relatively liberal metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, thousands of greetings cards are exchanged that make up the event.

Greeting card companies make a killing with cards specially designed for the occasion. Most shops come out with beautiful greetings cards and website displays fabulous e-cards, all designed specially for the festive occasion of Karva Chauth. Thus, inspite of not being a must part of the rituals, nowadays greetings card hold their specific place during the festive season of Karva Chauth.

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