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Karkataka Amavasya : Aliyana Amavasye at Maravanthe Varaha temple

Maharaja Varaha Temple is located at the sea border of Maravathe, very near to the National Highway No : 66 in Kundapur Talak, a bit away from Udupi, in Mangalore District in the state of Karnataka, India.

In front of the temple lies the wide sea, Arabian Sea. The first Amavasya in Shivamasa during every year is celebrated as “Aliyana Amavasye” or Karkataka Amavasya with grandeur. On the large belief well-maintained since yore, lakhs of devotees flock at this temple from early morning to have a dip or bath in the sea and immediately offer rites, ritual and poojas to the lord.

The process of fulfilling all kinds of desires through wholehearted darshan and finding solace is practiced by the natives, farmers, dishfolks, businessman and simpletons from all class of life is done at this particular temple. This temple is known as the place of “Man Ki Murad”.

During Deevige Karkataka Amavasya, devotees take a sacred dip or bath in the sea here and strongly believe that with the blessings of Varaha Swami, all kind of skin diseases will immediately disappear.

According to the vernacular language of this region, “Aliyana Amavasye” means Amavasye of son-in-law. Therefore all the newlywed couples make it a point to visit this temple and have a holy dip or bath in the sea water. The darshan and blessing will give them happy married life ahead with good health and wealth. The other temples of this region were Karkataka Amavasya celebrated are Koteshwara temple, Kumbhasi temple, Kundeshwara temple, Shankeranarayana temple and Shiva Temple.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    karkataka amavase jatre in maravanthe

  2. Anonymous says:

    during amavasya the shiva temple near in sea

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