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Kanteshwar Temple in Nizamabad

It was one of those days when we realised that we hadn’t taken a break and visited some place in the last 6 months. We had hectic travels to our hometown for personal reasons but that does not count as “travel” travel, does it? But it was also those times when taking some days off from work was not possible and a day trip was all we could afford. After searching the internet, out of the various day trip options from Hyderabad, we zeroed in on Nizamabad, 174 kms from Hyderabad on the NH7. On our list was Dichpally, Armoor and a short visit to Nizamabad city.

The drive to Nizamabad is super cool, NH7 makes sure of it. We started at 7 AM, drove on the highway via Medchal and reached Kamareddy, 110 kms away in a little more than an hour, where we stopped for breakfast at the AP Tourism hotel. From Kamareddy the road was good but a double road with the four laning work still in progress in some places.

At the entrance of the city is the Kanteshwar temple, a 500 year old Shiva temple.

The temple is simple and though painted and renovated, the walls and the base of the temple tell you that its was built in the days of antiquity. We also had a brief argument with one of the priests who tried to act as a moral police because of our guys was dressed in shorts. There are some temples in India where shorts are not allowed, we sincerely respect such rules and traditions but not moral policing.

The unpleasant incident was forgotten in a minute when we saw this ancient temple tank.

The mid-June sun beat down on us as lunch time approached. We drove around the city and had the best biriyani in a long time. Over the last few years, Hyderabadi Biriyani seems to have lost its sheen. The Biriyani we had at this hotel was out of this world, the vegetable Biriyani itself had such flavour and “dum”, you can imagine the taste of the non-vegetarian versions !

After a heavy lunch, we caught up with friends of one of our guys who lived in Nizamabad. They told us to check out the Nizamabad Fort which also had the Raghunatha Alayam on top of the fort. There is not much left of the Nizamabad Fort apart from this grand entrance, the fort probably belonged to the Rashtrakuta kings.

There is a ghat road leading to the Raghunatha temple. To reach the temple one has to climb atleast 500 steps, seemed a daunting task after a heavy lunch. Our dilemma was put to rest when we reached the foot of the steps and found the temple closed during lunch time. The Raghunatha Alayam is believed to have been built by the Shivaji’s Guru, Samarth Ramadas.

We wanted to return to Hyderabad by evening and we decided to wind up our trip and drive back. The drive back to Hyderabad took us around 2 & 1/2 hours. We had a refreshing little break, thanks to the Nizamabad Triangle !

Info Tidbit :

Other popular places close to Nizamabad include Ali Sagar, Nizamsagar, Sriram Sagar Dam and Basar Saraswathi Temple. If you wish to visit these places, you may need more than one day.

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