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Kalika Temple (Maha Kali Mandir), Reasi, Kashmir

Maha Kali Mandir is located in the Reasi town in the district of Reasi in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is the most prominent temple in Reasi town. It is situated in the heart of the main city and on a hilltop close to the Reasi Bus Stand.

According to the local legends, Pandit Jagat Ram Sharma had a dream 300 years ago of Kalika Mata and largely indicated her presence in the form of a stone or (Pindi) lying under ground on this particular hill. The pindi was excavated recently by the present family members of Pandit Jagat Ram Sharma as the caretakers.

This temple over the years has gained immense prominence mainly due to the wholehearted strong belief of the devotees in Kalika Mata. The present development of the temple is because of the contribution of the devotees who wholeheartedly contributed. During the days of Navratri, a large number of devotees visit this particular temple.

In this temple, Purnima and amavasya pujas and rituals are gaining prominence in this temple. It is to be noted that Hindu devotees treat all the purnami days as an auspicious day in Hinduism. Many important rituals take place on the full moon day in this temple.

Most of the people who visit this temple observe fasting on this particular day and dedicate their prayers to Devi and Mother Goddess. They take food only after the evening prayers and seeing the moon in the sky. Even on Amavasya day’s special pujas and rituals are conducted according to the ancient Hindu tradition and culture.

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