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Kadri Manjunateshwara Temple: Purnima Puja

The temple was built according to the vijayanagara style of structure. The History of this temple starts during 15th or 16th century A.D. According to the Indian History of the 10th century A.D Kadri was a centre of Buddhism.

When Natha pantha, a religious practice came into existence in kadri, the Shiva belief was shined. In the earlier times the kadri was called by the name of Kadaraika vihara because the Buddhist monks considered this place as vihara and settled here.

According to the Inscription of 12-13th century A.D the local landlords and the Kings has contributed the area for the construction of Lord Manjunateshwara temple.

As mentioned in Hindu Agama shastra the Kadri Manjunateshwara temple was built in the period of 12th century and according to sources the temple was again re-constructed with a granite stone between 14th-15th centuries AD.

The Idol was made out of panchaloha (a mix up of five elements) along with the temple has an idols of lord Ganesha, Goddesses Durgaparameshwari, Lord Vishnu, Lord Vyasa Muni and Gomukha Ganapathi. Special pujas and rituals are conducted on Purnima and amavasya days in this temple as per the ancient Hindu practices.

The people can visit Jogi Mutt, Pandava caves and Saptha Kalyani. The major festivals which are celebrated with a great divine in Kadri Manjunateshwara temple are Lakshsadeepotsava and Pattanje.

Mangalore can be reached through roadways, Airways and railways. To reach the temple devotees have to travel 4kms from the city. Frequent buses and auto rickshaws are available from the city to reach this particular temple.

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