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Jyothirbheemeshwara Vratha (Bheemana Amavasya)

The Bheemana Amavasya or Jyothirbheemeshwara Vratha starts with shravanna massa puja. It is to be noted that newly married women for the first nine years after their marriage observe this Vrath in order to have a happy married life with husbands and children.

This vrath is also observed for good health and wealth for the family members. Most of the Hindu household observes this vrath with lot of dedication and commitment during the period of Amavasya.

In some part of the country like the northern India newly married women not only pray for their husband’s better life but also for the good future of her brother and his brothers too. It is to be remembered that even unmarried women also observe this fast for her future husband, brother-in-laws, her brothers and other male members in her household. This fasting has more religious important among the Hindus. It directly shows the female members love and care for her male counterpart in the household.

Bheemana Amavasya or Jyothirbheemeshwara Vratha is largely dedicated to parvathideviyaru and Manoniyamaka Rudradevaru. The Hindu religious followers prepare Tambittu deepa on this day. It is strongly believed that lighting Tambittu deepa will remove all bad effects from the household and brings fresh slice of life for all the family members. The house becomes blessed with the light rays falling from the deepa.

Women also make the idol of Lord Shiva and Parvathi in the house. They conduct special rituals and offer special food items too. All the family members participate in the pooja by lighting the Tambittu deepa.

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    horoscope for female born on bheemana amavasya

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    fasting on bheemana amavasya vrata?

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    who is manoniyamaka in hindu mythology

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