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Jews Protest Christian "Synagogues"

MONSEY, NEW YORK, July 8, 2001: In case you are worried about the recent development of Christian “bhajana” (Hindu-style devotional songs) or the Catholic mass conducted much like a Hindu temple ceremony, check out this site. The Jews are faced with an entire movement called “Messianic Synagogues.” Writes Rabbi Tovia Singer at this web site, “Such congregations are designed to appear Jewish, but they are actually fundamentalist Christian churches which use traditional Jewish symbols to lure the most vulnerable of our Jewish people into their ranks. Messianic ‘rabbis,’ many of whom are Jewish by birth, are committed to bringing the Jewish people to know Jesus. Their agenda is to make Christianity more palatable to the uneducated Jew, and to the astonishment and horror of the Jewish community, their marketing ploys are proving to be successful.”

Source : http://www.outreachjudaism.org/evangelizingthejews1.html

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