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Japamala in Hindu Tradition

Japamala is usually made from Tulsi, sandalwood, rosewood, or Rudraksha beads. Sometimes they are made from precious and semi-precious stones. Hindus use Japamala to keep count of the repetition of the mantra.

Usually a Japamala consists of 108 beads. This is because the number 108 is of great significance in Hinduism. In Japamala, all the beads are of same size, except one bead which is known as ‘meru.’

When the mantra is repeated the devotee counts it on the bead and the count is automatically kept when the fingers reach the ‘meru.’ When the fingers reach the ‘meru’ the counting is done by turning back. Many Gurus advice that  the ‘meru’ should not be crossed. It is better to follow the advice of these teachers while doing Japa Sadhana.


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