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Indira Ekadashi

During the Pitru Paksh Shradh period, Indira Ekadashi falls in North India as per the Hindu traditional calendar. On the day before Indira Ekadasi, in the name of dead relatives and forefathers, religious based rituals and prayers are largely performed. On this particular day, a complete fasting is strictly observed by staunch devotees with great devotion and dedication. On the Ekadasi day, most of the Hindus perform religious and traditional rituals that are dedicated to the dead.

It is to be highly noted that on the day before Ekadashi, a single meal is only had by the devotees who indulge in Indira Ekadashi observance. On the next day, the fasting of Indira Ekadasi is ended. It is to be remembered that in the month of Ashwin, during the dark fortnight, Indira Ekadashi occurs. The day before Ekadasi, on the Dashami tithi, devotees are advised to wake up in the early morning, take bath and indulge in the service of the Lord with great devotion and dedication.

The oblation to ancestors and forefathers with great devotion and faith should be performed at noon after having bath in running water. The devotees are advised to sleep on the floor plus have only one meal in a day. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, “When you awaken on Ekadasii morning, cleanse your mouth and teeth thoroughly and then with deep devotion for the Lord take this sacred vow: ‘Today I shall fast completely and give up all kinds of sense enjoyment. Oh lotus-eyed Supreme Personality of Godhead, Oh infallible one, please give me shelter at Your lotus feet.”

In the noon, devotees worship the sacred form of the Sri Shaligram Shila. They offer oblation of large quantity of ghee into the sacred fire and later perform tarpana for the ancestors and forefathers.

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