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Important temples of Lord Shani dev in Tamil Nadu

It is to be noted that there just a few important temples of Lord Shani dev in Tamil Nadu. It is to be remembered that Tamil nadu is a land of ancient and medieval and modern temples in large number.

Shree Shani Teerth is located in Tirunalaru in Tamil Naadu.

Devee Naagmuthu Mariamma Temple has Vishwaroop Sarv-mangal Shaneeshwar Bhagavaan Sannidhi inside the temple premises. It is located in EB Colony, Adambakkam, Chennai.

A shrine dedicated to Nava Graha is located in town Kumbaakonam, Tamilnaadu, India.

Shaneeshwar temple located at Tirunallar is the only temple available with his family members. The lord is called as Mangal Shaneeshwaran. It is to be remembered that Lord Shani dev’s wife’s names are Mandaa Devee and Jyeshthaa Devee. On the other hand his son’s names are Maandee and Kuleegan. According to the historians, in this Temple, King Dasharath worshipped the Shaneeswar. This is the right place for doing homas and Shani Peyarchi Poojaa.

Shani temple is located at Kuchanoor, just 20 km from Theni, near Madurai. Here Lord Shani is in the form of Swaayambhoo (self-appeared). It is to be observed that this town got its name from one of Shani’s names (Kubjanoor).

Most of the devotees largely believe that Shani Dev is very cruel. The truth is it is not so. Mantra to recite for Shani Dev by the devotees is as follow:

“Om Kaak Dhwajaaya Vidmahe , Khadg Hastaaya Dheemahi, Tanno Mandah Prachodayaat.
Om Namo Yam, Brahm Samet Shree Shaneeshwaraaya Namah Om.
Shani is the Son of Soorya Dev and elder brother of Yam Dharm Raaj.
Om UmaaMaheshwaraabhyaam Namah Om ;
Om LakshmiNaaraayanaabhyaam Namah Om.
Om VaaneeHiranyagarbhyaam Namah Om;
Om Anant Padmanaabhaaya Namah Om.”

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    Shani dev Temples in nungambakkam chennai

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    shani dev temple at kuchanoor near madurai

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