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Important Points Related to Amavasya

The amavasya day is largely dedicated to forefathers or ancestors.

The polished sesame seeds are sprinkled into the sea, river, lake, pond or other water bodies.

A holy dip or bath in the sea, sea, river, lake, pond or other water bodies makes a devotees physical and mental all types of impurities to immediately disappear in fresh water

Hindu religious fervour is widely felt in the vicinity

All types of offerings largely made on this particular day would directly reach the ancestors or forefathers and will really appease them very quickly.

Devotees and worshippers have early morning bath or dip during this particular day.

Hindu religious scholars, pundits and priest performing religious rites and rituals.

A ring of Thettpai that is made out of grass is worn while performing the religious rites and rituals.

The rites and ritual are performed by the family members for their ancestors and forefathers.

The Priests sit on the floor and perform the main rites

All Hindus strictly refrain from having any type of meat or fish on this particular day

All the worshippers observe fasting on this day

The Sesame seeds are religiously considered very holy and are directly used in auspicious rituals and religious occasions.

Motchcha Archchnai was done for their ancestors or forefathers.

Worshippers gathered in thousand even in the rain or other natural calamities. They don’t miss this date.

Religious songs and chants are dedicated to the ancestors and forefathers.

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