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Important Hindu Religious Dates From Dec 2012 to Mid-April 2013

Here are the important Hindu religious dates from December 2012 to Mid-April 2013. This list gives the devotees the details of the day’s importance and its significance.

It largely helps to be alert and aware of the happening in the religious map of India. It also helps to be prepared for the rituals to be perform in the future dates and plan the visit to a temple on the particular day for worship along with family members to get fruitful results.

3 Mon 69th Anniversary of Akhanda Mahamantra
Sankirtana Yajna in Sivananda Ashram
9 Sun Ekadasi
11 Tue Pradosha Puja
13 Thr Amavasya
23 Sun Ekadasi; Sri Gita Jayanti
24 Mon Christmas Eve
25 Tue Pradosha Puja; Christmas Day
27 Thr Sri Dattatreya Jayanti
27/28T/Fri Purnima
31 Mon 69th Anniversary of Pratishtha Mahotsava
of Sri Viswanatha Mandir
in Sivananda Ashram

8 Tue Ekadasi
9 Wed Pradosha Puja
11 Fri Amavasya
14 Mon Makara Sankranti;
Uttararayana Punyakala (12.55 p.m.)
22 Tue Ekadasi
24 Thr Pradosha Puja
26/27S/Sun Purnima

6 Wed Ekadasi
7 Thr Pradosha Puja
9/10 S/Sun Amavasya
15 Fri Vasanta Panchami
17 Sun Ratha Saptami
18 Mon Bhishma Ashtami
19 Tue Madhva Navami
21 Thr Ekadasi
23 Sat Pradosha Puja
25 Mon Purnima

MARCH 2013
7 Thr Ekadasi
9 Sat Pradosha Puja
10 Sun Sri Maha Sivaratri
11 Mon Somavati Amavasya
23 Sat Ekadasi
24 Sun Pradosha Puja
26/27T/Wed Purnima
27 Wed Sri Gouranga Mahaprabhu Jayanti
28 Thr Holi

APRIL 2013
6 Sat Ekadasi
7 Sun Pradosha Puja
9/10 T/Wed Amavasya

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