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Importance of Tritiya Shraddh, 3rd day of Pitru Paksha

The significance of third day plays a vital role before the approaching amavasya day. The third day is known as Thrithiyai Thithi day according to the Hindu religious texts and inscriptions.

The method of doing this thithi is very simple. Take three brass lamp jyothi and pour in them iluppai oil and a mix of marudhani (henna) extract and hibiscus extract. Place the lamps on a banana leaf and light them. Then perform the tarpanam keep the lamps as witness.

It is highly advised to have early morning bath or dip in a nearby sea, river, lake, pond or well before performing this particular thithi. Observing a fast during the whole day is also highly powerful and gives the devotees a good result. In the society there has been observed that even spiritually inclined devotees are blinded by feelings of differences most of the times. The conflicts of racial and casteist feelings, believe in duality vs. non-duality and even Shaivam vs. Vaishnavam largely prevails. If in any situation, a person has caused any pain to others in both social and religious circles then Thrithiyai Thithi can help in rectifying all these sins.

According to the Hindu religious texts and inscriptions, the ideal place for doing the Thrithiyai Thithi tarpanam in south India is at the Sarva Mangala Theertham located in Thiru Rameswaram near Mannargudi in Tamil Nadu. This place is thronged by devotees and pilgrims from nook and corner of Tamil Nadu and rest of India during the day of Amavasya too.

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