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How to Reach Sri Gotha Parameswarar Temple, Kunnathur  and Accommodation

You can find the route Map and Location of Sri Gotha Parameswarar Temple below.

The temple is 5 km southwest on the Tirunelveli-Tiruvengadanathapuram road. Bus facility is available from Sandhi Vinayakar stop in Tirunelveli every one hour. Autos may help saving time.

Nearest Railway Station

Nearest Airport

Accommodation at Sri Gotha Parameswarar Temple, Kunnathur


Hotel Aryas: +91-462- 233 9002

Hotel Janakiram: +91-462-233 1941

Hotel Bharani: +91-462-233 3235

Hotel Nainar: +91-233 9312

Kunnathur Sri Gotha Parameswarar Temple on Google Maps

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