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How to Reach Sri Bhoominathar Temple, Sevalur  and Accommodation

You can find the route Map and Location of Sri Bhoominathar Temple below.

Buses from Pudukottai to Ponnamaravati stop at a place called Kulipirai. Autos can be hired to reach Sevalur 3 km from here. Occasionally bus No. 6A also may be available.

Nearest Railway Station

Nearest Airport

Accommodation at Sri Bhoominathar Temple, Sevalur


Hotel Satyam: +91-4322-221 177, 223 311

Hotel Mary’s: +91-4322-225 874, 226 874

Hotel Royal Park: +91-4322-227 783, 84

Prince Lodge: +91-4322-222 409, 224, 991

Hotel Shivalaya: +91-4322-221 860, 220 956

Sevalur Sri Bhoominathar Temple on Google Maps

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