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How to observe Skanda Shasti Vratam or Fasting?

Skanda Shasti or Kanda Shasthi Vratam is observed during the Tamil month of Aippasi and is dedicated to Lord Muruga. During this vrat devotees fast for 6 days.
Rituals of  Skanda Shasti Vratam are :
You should strictly avoid non vegetarian food and garlic and onions.Most devotees also visit Skanda temples during the period. During the Kanda Shasti fasting, some devotees only take a single meal a day.Some take the meal at noon and others at night.Some devotees confine to fruits and juices during the 6-day period.
This vrata is a good opportunity to clean the body and get rid of unwanted toxic elements. So few devotees confine to water, coconut water and other fruit juices. The fasting ends on the Sixth day.

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  1. Abhishek Jilla says:

    how to start shasti vratam or fasting

  2. Kruthi says:

    hinglaj mataji ki aarti end satuti

  3. Anonymous says:

    when it will be start skanda shasti vratam

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