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How did Lord Ganesha get Elephant Head? (Story of Gajamukha Vinayaka)

How did Lord Ganesha get Elephant Head? Here is the story of Gajamukha Vinayaka… In the science of myths, Lord Ganesha’s large and huge figure directly expresses prosperity; the elephant is the best symbol of deep devotion, lot of patience and truth. This is also shown by the laddoos in his hands all the times. He holds a conch shell, a club, a discus and rides on a mouse and a lotus in his hands, symbolizing the unity of the small with the big.

Ganesha is the god of prudence, wisdom and salvation. He is also called Ganapati. The sound ‘Ga’ implies knowledge and the sound ‘na’ implies salvation. ‘isa’ and ‘pati’ means the ‘Lord’. Ganesha is said to be the Lord of Ganas as well. Ganas also means the hufe number of Shiva’s followers.

The head of this deity represents an animal form. Moreover his birth story is described in Shiv Purana in the following way:

Once upon a time, Goddess Parvati had created a boy with the dirt of her body. She appointed the boy to guard the entrance of her bathroom. Shiva, her husband, returned and found this particular boy at the entrance denying his entry. He hit the boy’s head off in a very violent anger.

Parvati was in tears and expressed her sorrow. To calm her, Shiva sent down his troops (Gana) to bring the head of any north-facing sleeping being. The squad then found a sleeping elephant facing north, cut its head and joined the same with the boy’s body. Shiva rejuvenated the boy’s life and made him the Chief (Pati) of his squad. In this way, the name Ganapati came to prominence. Shiva had conferred a direct boon that people would revere Ganesha’s name before starting any type of event.

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