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Home Decoration Ideas for Diwali

There are a few interesting ways in which you can decorate your houses on this special Diwali. A unique way to decorate your house is to implement some tips and can make your home a welcoming place for the visitors. Many of them paint their houses during the Diwali festival to give them a fresh and a vibrant look. A lot of traditional decorative ways are associated related to this festival. We can make use of the Bandarwar which helps to give the festive look to your place. The door hangings with the bells, mirrors and embroidered can be placed at the entrance of the house. We could hang up the bell at the entrance of the house which gives us the natural melodious tone. Also, the rangoli is another way to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi at the entrance of the house. It is decorated with the bright and the vibrant colors and lot of creativity is included. The rangoli beauty can be further enhanced with the help of the diyas and the rice grains. This ritual has been followed since ages. We can also draw the sign of the Lakshmi at the entrance of the house.

The natural beauty of the house can be enhanced with the help of the flowers. The fragrance of the flowers will hold us under a spell. It can used during the puja and can also be placed in the flower vases, glasses and rangoli. The floating diyas are another option that can be placed for the corner decoration or the puja room. We can fill the base with the water and drop some petals into the water. This is another alternative way for the artificial light that adds glow to the house. These are the varied ways through which the home can be decorated uniquely.

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