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History and Significance of Sri Vyakrapureeswarar Temple, Perumpuliyur 

The sanctum sanctorum is designed with a four step lotus petal peeta. Saint Arunagiriar had sung the glory of Lord Muruga of this temple in his Tirupugazh hymns. The place covered with wild bushes was brought to the attention of the world by His Holiness Sundara Swamigal of Madurai. Lord Arthanareeswar is near the Lingodhbava shrine.

History of Sri Vyakrapureeswarar Temple, Perumpuliyur

Sage Vyakrapada (sage with tiger legs) learnt the glory of Lord Nataraja of Chidambaram from his father Mathiyandan. He worshipped Lord Tirumoola Nathar in Chidambaram. He climbed the trees with his tiger legs and had eyes in his finger nails to check the purity of the flowers to use them for his Shiva Puja. He occupies a place in Nataraja shrine on one side. Sage Patanjali has his place on the other side. Vyakrapada worshipped Lord in five places, the names ending with the suffix Puliyur. They are Tirupathiri Puliyur, Perumpattra Puliyur (Chidambaram), Erukatham Puliyur, Omam Puliyur and Perum Puliyur.

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