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History and Significance of Sri Virupachi Arumuga Nayinar Temple, Kodangipatti Theertha Thotti 

Lord Muruga appeared in the dream of a farmer and told him that He was in a particular spot in the fields of Virpakshi village. He informed the king. They found the idol, installed it and built the temple. As the Lord was found in the Virupakshi Village, He is praised as Virupakshi Arumuga Nayinar.Lord Muruga with His six faces graces from the sanctum sanctorum. His consorts Valli and Deivanai are not with Him. Morning puja is performed with Theertha abishek. Nearby is Lord Naga Subramanya with a seven hooded serpent serving as an umbrella. First puja is dedicated to this Muruga and then only to presiding deity. Those facing Naga dosha prays to Him performing Milk abishek. It is noteworthy that a Naga Vigneswarar also graces in the front mandap near Lord Selva Ganapathy.Lord Shiva as Rudramurthy graces from a shrine with a vimana. There is no Nandhi before Him. Those blessed by a Guru (Shivadiksha) wear Rudraksha on the forehead. Lord Shiva here is wearing the Rudrakshamala as a Guru. The idol is so made with the Rudraksha, a rare form not commonly seen in temples. Those facing Guru adverse aspects (Jupiter) pray in the shrine on Thursdays offering garlands made of a pulse called Kondai Kadalai. On the Aipasi Annabishek day in October- November, a Shiva Linga is made of the rice, pujas offered with flowers, vilwa and sandal. This is dissolved in the river the next day. People consider this darshan very important and lucky. The temple is situated on the western bank of Kottakudi River. On the Tamil Near day, birth of Chithirai month falling almost on April 14, special pujas are dedicated to Lord Muruga, the day He was found from the fields. There is a Vel the weapon of Lord Muruga, very old in age still exists in the temple but the sharpness broken. The Theertha Thotti is opposite the temple. The origin of the spring is yet not known but believed that is from the feet of Lord Muruga.

History of Sri Virupachi Arumuga Nayinar Temple, Kodangipatti Theertha Thotti

The Saptha Kannikas on their mission to kill a demon, killed a sage by mistake. For relief from the dosha they incurred, they created a spring here and worshipped Lord Muruga who granted them the relief they required. The Theertha-the sacred spring alone existed then. A Muruga devotee was returning after a visit to Palni, a famous Lord Muruga sthala but could not proceed further from Virupakshi due to some riots in the place. As he did not want to stay anywhere till he returned home, he prayed to Lord Muruga to show him a way. A young boy came there, gave the traveler a Vel without a sharp edge and advised him to proceed as the Vel guided him. He had a bath in the Theertha Thotti at Virupakshi, left the Vel on the bank and reached home. People of the place, worshipped this Vel as Lord Muruga.

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