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History and Significance of Sri Vidya Parameswari Temple, Madurai 

Mother Durga graces every one with necessary stamina and power to function effectively infusing vital powers in the body. It is that power that protects us from falling down in life. We are facing many foes in life as anger, lust, greed, passion, arrogance and such other evils. Mother Parasakthi eliminates all these evils correcting our qualities. Demon Mahishasura was an embodiment of all the above vices who was overpowered and killed by Mother Durga. Mother Sri Vidya Parameswari helps us to develop the mental power to conquer these inner enemies in us. People have to seek the blessings of Mother Sri Vidya Parameswari for freedom from ignorance, the root cause of our failures in life. The devotee is blessed with the basic education to graduate further and reach the pinnacle of wisdom and make life meaningful.All good qualities and an envious education go waste if one is subjected to acute poverty. Everyone needs three basic requirements in life – shelter, clothing and food. Prayer to Mother Mahalakshmi relieves one from this painful condition and ensures a life with self-respect with economic stability. Mother Sri Vidya Parameswari assures Her devotees these reasonable and basic needs

History of Sri Vidya Parameswari Temple, Madurai

A staunch Shakti devotee Srimad Atha also known as Sri Vidyananda Pattarakar established this temple and installed Mother Sri Vidya Parameswari and the Sri Chakra with all Gods, Devas and Sages in the Chakra. Mother Ambica as Ika (life in this world), Para (life in the next world) Sowbagya Dharini – granting all auspicious boons for a purposeful human life is majestically and devotionally installed in the temple.It is notworthy that the idol personifying Mother made of turmeric in a small form has now grown taller – 1.5 feet. Mother Haridrambica also graces in the temple. The temple mandap is in Nagar shape. No devotee returns from the temple without the grace of Mother. The Sri Chakra Theertha offered at the temple is an effective cure for diseases, according to experience of the devotees. Devotees cannot view the daily abishek to Mother but only the abishek performed from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. on Poornima days

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