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History and Significance of Sri Veeratteswarar Temple, Keel Padappai 

Mother Shanta Nayaki graces from a shrine facing south standing on a Padma peeta (lotus designed). All powerful and all merciful Sri Chakra is installed at Her feet. Ambica being prominent in the temple, devotees has to go to worship Lord Shiva only after worshipping Mother. The shrine is so structured at the entrance with this purpose. Devotees has to bend before the shrine to have the full darshan of Mother, intended to teach them the lesson of humility and also to develop in them the noble quality of yielding to others views also to maintain harmonious relationships. This is the prayer devotees submit at the feet of Mother offering abishek and pujas. Lord Veeratteswarar graces from the sanctum sanctorum in Shivalinga form on a square peeta. The Lord is dressed with clothes with tiger skin design and silver vilwa leaf tilak in the forehead. The name of the place Padappai in Tamil means garden of flowers. While on his way to Vruddhachalam and singing the praise of Lord Vruddhagireeswarar, Saint Tirugnanasambander has praised this temple also in his hymns. Thus the temple is closely attached to hymns of saints. Traditionally, children have their initials by fathers’ names. Here, Lord Vinayaka is praised with the name of Mother Shanta Nayaki as Shanta Vinayaka. It is also said that that the name indicates His mercy by taming the devotees from angry traits to peaceful loving traits.

History of Sri Veeratteswarar Temple, Keel Padappai

Chandra-Moon married the 27 daughters of Daksha but reserved his whole love for Rahini only. Other distressed daughters took their case to their father Daksha who cursed Chandra to lose his brilliant fair complexion by fading each day. To escape the effects of the curse, Chandra took a pilgrimage to various Shiva shrines. He installed one here and prayed to the Lord. Eight Shiva places are known as Atta Veeratta Sthalas where Lord Shiva destroyed the demons. Tirukovilur is one among the eight. Padappai temple is considered to have this attribute and enjoys the status as Sub-Veeratta Sthala (place). The temple also has the reputation of being one of 108 Shiva temples renovated and consecrated simultaneously in a single day by Nandi Varma Pallavan.

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