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History and Significance of Sri Veerabadraswami (vazhikaraiyan) Temple, Vazhuvur 

Devotees praise Sri Veerabadra as Vazhi Thunayan (an escort in journeys) and Vazhi Karaiyan, also bearing almost the same meaning in Tamil. Lord Bhairava has generally the dog vahan, which is for Veerabadra in this temple. As He came to protect Dharma Sastha born to Lord Vishnu in the Mohini Avathara, Alankara is done with Nama in His forehead the Vishnu symbol. There is also a shrine for another Veerabadra in a standing posture. Other Guardian Deities Thoondiveeran, Vagaiadiyan, Ladasannasi, Uthandarayar and Betharanaswami are nearby.Lords Vinayaka, Chandikeswara and Agora Veerabadrar are in the front mandap. People pray here for the safety, health and educational progress of children.

History of Sri Veerabadraswami (vazhikaraiyan) Temple, Vazhuvur

Sages in the Tharukavanam were proud that only their Yajnas help Devas to exist. Lord Shiva decided to teach a lesson to them and nip their pride. He entered their region as Bikshadana with a bow seeking alms. Lord Vishnu joined as Mohini the alluring woman. Seeing Mohini, the sages simply stopped the yajna half way and began following Mohini. The wives of Rishis lost their mental balance and began following the handsome Shiva. The Rishis recovered from the illusion and not knowing the stranger was but Lord Shiva, sent Agni, tiger, deer, snakes and a battle axe called Mazhu. Lord Shiva defeated and made them His ornaments. Blind of pride, the Rishis sent a wild elephant to kill Him. The elephant was killed. Lord Shiva appeared before the Rishis as Gaja (elephant) Samhara (killing) Murthy (God). Shedding their pride, the sages fell at Lord’s feet and sought His pardon. Sastha was born to Bikshadana Shiva and Mohini Vishnu. For his safety and upbringing Lord Shiva appointed Veerabadra as a guardian. Both Veerabadra and Bala Sastha grace devotees in this temple.

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