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History and Significance of Sri Veera Anjaneyar Temple, Attur 

The temple has special significance for Saturn adverse aspect relief prayer. Saturn is the son of Sun-Surya. Kuliga is the son of Saturn. Sri Anjaneya is the disciple of Sun. He also is the Durbar Disciple of Lord Vishnu. Due to this exalted status, Sri Anjaneya is considered to be deity of Saturn and praying to Him would relieve the devotees from the adverse aspect of this planet. On Saturdays, during the Kuliga time, Special pujas are performed in the temple with abisheks. Joining this puja and worshipping Anjaneya would bring solace to devotees, it is believed. Sri Anjaneya is the presiding and principal deity of the temple. He has His tail rolled and kept on the head as a crown. He appears with a swine face-Varaha Murthy. When the Sethu-the bridge to reach Lanka was built, big rocks were needed. They had to be taken from the deep sea. For this purpose, Sri Anjaneya acquired five faces, one of which was Varaha. With this face, he went deep into the sea, brought out huge rocks. Sage Vasishta had worshipped this Anjaneya. A yellow thread called Mudi Kayiru is offered as Prasad in the temple. Devotees tie it in their hands for prosperity in life.The idols of Lord Vinayaka and Nagar in the tree hole of the temple are ones devotees should not miss to see.

History of Sri Veera Anjaneyar Temple, Attur

Lord Sri Rama was in search of Mother Sita who was abducted by Ravana. After a long journey, he climbed on the hill in this place to find Her. He relaxed in this place for a while in sad mood. Seeing Sri Rama sad, Sri Anjaneya too sat in a corner and was thinking how he could help his Lord. He is in this temple as Veera Anjaneya. The hill where Lord Sri Rama relaxed is nearby this place.

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