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History and Significance of Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Pondicherry 

Lord Varadaraja was found from the earth. He is in a standing form, majestically 5 feet tall whose beauty is such that no painting skill can draw him perfectly. The smile is so enchanting drawing the devotees. This is an associate temple related to the temple in Thiruvahindipuram, one of 108 Divyadesas. There is a mirror room in the temple. The temple is full of the various forms of Lord Vishnu in the 108 Divyadesas, not to be seen in other Perumal Temples in the state. It is noteworthy that the idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Navaneethakrishnan, Santhanagopalan and Venugopalan were found in a place called Vainthi Kuppam in the year 1902. Sundara Anjaneyar was found in the land of one Alagananda Mudaliar. The Devotees can worship the two great Vaishnava Acharyas, Nikamanda Mahadesikan and Manavalamamuni together in the temple. The temple is 800 years old. There is no discrimination of Vadakalai, Thenkalai sects in the Sri Vaishnava culture. The two great weapons of Lord Vishnu, Sudharsana (discus) and the panchajanya the conch are carved on the two sides of the Poornakumba in the temple. The Vasantha Mandapa in the temple was built by a Muslim. While many temples were destroyed during the alien invasions, this is the one temple that has survived the onslaught of the enemies.

History of Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Pondicherry

In olden days, the temple was small in size surrounded by Bodhi Trees (Arasamaram) with Sri Narasimha as the deity. According to hearsay, the temple grew bigger with the efforts of the devotees. Narasinga Perumal is now in a temple built in the circular path in the temple facing west. When the Vedapureeswarar temple was destroyed by the French troops on 8-9-1748, a devotee Anandaranga Pillai took pains to gather all the idols from the debris and requested to protect them in the Varadaraja Perumal and Kalahatheeswarar temple, according to a note in his diary. During the Muslim invasion, many idols were kept safe in this temple. The antiquity of the temple could be well understood from these incidents. In the olden days, it is said that the temple was in the Manimadam style.

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