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History and Significance of Sri Vandurai Nathar Temple, Tiruvandurai 

Sage Brungi in the form of bee-Vandu in Tamil-worshipped Lord in this temple, hence the name of the place as Tiru Vandu Thurai-Tiruvandurai. It is said that the sound of a Vandu is still heard in Lord’s shrine. Lord Vishnu established the value of Shiva Puja in this temple. When Brahmma the Creator faced trouble in his job, He prayed to Lord Shiva in the this temple to overcome the obstacles. King Dhruva, Angavan, Harichandra, Thyaga Cholan son of Musukunda Cholan had worshipped Lord in this temple. Nangai, a woman Sage saw all particles of sand in this place and did not want to place her legs here and worshipped Lord facing north. Based on this story, Nandhi the bull vehicle of Lord is facing north in the front mandap.

History of Sri Vandurai Nathar Temple, Tiruvandurai

Sage Brungi was determined not to worship any deity but Lord Shiva. Knowing his intention, Mother Parvathi dried the flesh and blood of the sage. Yet the sage continued worshipping Shiva alone. Lord blessed the Sage. Mother Parvathi worshipped Lord Shiva and occupied the left half of His body. Even at this stage, the sage took the form of a bee, penetrated into the Shiva part of the Arthanareeswara form and continued his Shiva worship. Desparate Parvathi cursed the sage to remain in the bee form only. The sage sought relief from the curse. Mother Parvathi told the Sage that Shiva and Shakti were inseparable and advised him to worship them jointly for relief

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