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History and Significance of Sri Vaaymoornaathar Temple, Tiruvaaymoor 

Lord Dakshinamurti in the sanctum is seen seated on Rishabam. ‘Vaaymoor’ can be taken as the derivative expression of ‘Vaaymaiyar Oor’ meaning ‘the city of those who abide Truth’. This is one of the saptavitanka kshetras. The dance of Thiagarajar-Neelavitankar is the ‘kamala natanam’ – the Lotus Dance, and the throne is ‘Rathina Simhasanam’-Gem-embedded throne. Brahma and other Devas afraid of Taarakaasuran became birds, came to this holy place, took bath in the Prachanda-maarutha Thirtham to ward off their sins, worshipped the Lord to be relieved from their sins.

History of Sri Vaaymoornaathar Temple, Tiruvaaymoor

The Vitanka form is that form of Lord Siva in His heavenly abode. He desired to have this form on earth also. Lord Indra once solicited this Vitanka form of Lord Siva. Vitankam is a small Sivalinga form and the Lord told Indra that this Lingam could not be worshipped in the Indralokam, a world of pleasures. However, He gave the Vitanka Lingam to Lord Indra because of his compulsion. Knowing the significance of the Lingam, Lord Indra was carrying on the poojas in an appropriate manner. But, the Lord wanted the Lingam to be in the human inhabited terrain. When Emperor Muchukuntha was ruling, people were suffering due to the attack of wild animals. So, the Emperor went off in a hunting expedition and after completing the hunt in the northern part, he came to the banks of river Kaveri. On a Sivarathiri night while he was hunting, a few sages passed that way. They told him that they were proceeding to the Vilvaaranya Kshetram to perform Sivalinga Pooja during Sivarathiri night. Scriptures do not allow animal hunting in Sivarathiri. The regretted king abandoned his kingly attire, wore ascetic outfit and went with the sages. Lord Siva appeared before the king who repented for his action. The Lord told him to retrieve the Sivalinga, which was with Lord Indra and install it in the earth for the purpose of worship. At that time, Lord Indra was seeking help to put down Vaalaasuran and he had offered as gift his elephant Iraavatham, his white umbrella and any gift asked if someone put an end to Vaalaasuran. The Lord advised the king to kill Vaalaasuran and get the Sivalingam as gift. A wise man will win even God. Emperor Muchukundan told Lord Siva: “I’ll do likewise. But Lord Indra is likely to cheat me by giving a similar Lingam like Vitanka Lingam. So, please show me how the Vitanka form would be!” Lord Siva conceded to his request and there arose a flood of light all over the place. Apart from Emperor Muchukundan and the sage, the entire Angel world thronged there. The emotion-filled Muchukundan urged the Lord: “O Lord! Thou be in the Indraloka as well as here as Thou are now. I’ll raise a temple for Thee!” The Lord accepting their plea remains here in this sacred place.

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