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History and Significance of Sri Uma Maheswarar Temple, Konerirajapuram 

Mother Durga facing west blesses the devotees. It is said that after the bone chilling experience in Tirukadayur, Yama the God of Death came to this place, worshipped Mother Durga to recover from the shock. There are six Vinayakas in a single shrine looking like an assembly of Vinayakas. According to scriptures, Nandhi the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva worshipped here. It is also believed that prayer in the shrine during the Pradosha time each day (4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.) brings in multiple benefits to the devotee. As the deities of the 8 directions – Ashtadig Balakas- worshipped here, they have their due places in the vimana. 16 Siddhas had prayed here seeking the mercy of Lord. There are three Chandikeswars in the temple. Lord Agasthya had the Wedding Darshan of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi with Lord Vishnu offering His sister to Shiva. To please king Varaguna Pandya, Lord and Mother drank the boiling panchaloka metal mixture for the correct shaping of Lord Nataraja idol. They granted darshan to the king as Lord Nataraja and Mother Sivakami. There is no Lord Nataraja procession in three places – Madurai, Utharakosamangai and Konerirajapuram. Lord Nataraja is more human in look in this temple. People know this temple as Nataraja temple. Planet Saturn – Sani Bhagwan is facing west. Before their journey to Tirunallar, Nala and Damayanthi worshipped Sani Bhagwan in this temple and secured His blessings. While black is the clothing for the planet in other places, here He graces in white robes. People should light lamps here with oil produced from white dhil-Vellai Ellu in Tamil. Sage Agasthya worshipped Lord in this temple.

History of Sri Uma Maheswarar Temple, Konerirajapuram

A king Pururavas by name had an attack of leprosy. He visited a number of Shiva temples seeking relief. Finally he reached this temple on the southern bank of Cauvery and was cured. As a token of gratitude to Lord and prayer commitment, he constructed the Vimana with gold coverings and arranged Brahmmotsavas during Vaikasi Visakam, according to the history of land and temple.

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