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History and Significance of Sri Tiruvalleswarar Temple, Padi, Tiruvalithayam 

Planet Jupiter incurred a curse of Menaka, wife of his elder brother. As advised by Rishi Markandeya, he reached this place, had a dip in the sacred spring and worshipped Lord Shiva and gained relief from the curse. It is the faith of the devotees that praying to Jupiter in this temple would be an effective remedy for relief from sins. According to history, Lord Vinayaka married Kamali and Valli, daughters of Lord Brahmma. Thi is supported by the procession idol of Lord Vinayaka in this wedding form. The temple assumes more importance as it is situated around 11 sacred places as a garland. It is the staunch faith of the devotees that a visit and worship in the temple would benefit them with total salvation. Jupiter shrine in the prakara is facing Lord Shiva’s shrine with another shrine for Sri Anjaneya in a worshipping form. Lord Shiva is entitled for all pujas. He is praised as Bali (puja) Thayer (entitled) – Bali Thayer.

History of Sri Tiruvalleswarar Temple, Padi, Tiruvalithayam

Bharadwajar, son of Jupiter was born as the son of a sparrow – Kari Kuruvi – also Valian in Tamil. Saddened by his birth as a sparrow, he worshipped Lord Shiva in many sacred places. When he came to this place, he found a Shivalinga under a Kondrai tree and worshipped Him. Lord Shiva appeared before Bharadwajar and made him the leader of birds. Based on this story, the place is called Valithayam and the Lord Valianathar.

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