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History and Significance of Sri Swarnapureeswarar Temple, Tenponparappi 

The Shiva Linga is made of a single stone of Solar Magnetic power equal to the power of Navapashanas scaling 5.5. feet in height. It is majestically mounted on Brahmma and Vishnu Peetas. Thus all the three Lords Shiva, Vishnu and Brahmma are in a single form here. The other special feature is that it produces bronze metal sound when tapped by hand. The Samadhi of Kakanda Bhujangar is near the temple where a lamp is lit every day. We may see that Nandhi turning slightly on a side in other temples to enable devotees to have the darshan clearly. Here, the Nandhi being a Balanandhi without much growth of the horns allows a clear view of the Lord especially during the Pradosha days. On the Aavani (August-September) full moon day and on the Panguni Uthiram day in March-April, from 6.00 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. the devotee can observe the rays of Sun falling on the horns of Balanandhi and pass through the 70 feet distance to Lord in the sanctum sanctorum. As the temple has the power of Vayu and Panchaboodha Sthalas, the sanctum sanctorum is Ugra-hot in nature. The Dheep in the sanctum is always oscillating as mentioned in the palm leaves of Kakanda Bhujangar. The other wonder in the temple is that the abishek with 16 items as honey, milk, curd, rosewater, green coconut, turmeric, sacred ash, sandal, tirumanjanam, sugarcane juice, lime juice, pachamirtha, ghee, rice flour, oil, and holy water fall down from the head of the Shivalinga separately in 16 line tracks without any missing and finally confluence at the bottom. Mother Swarnambika with all attributes of Mother Mahalakshmi graces the devotees facing east in a standing posture with Her face just turning towards Lord. The Jeeva Samadhis of Kakanda Bhujangar and his wife Bahuladevi are at the direct view of Ambica. Siddha Kakanda Bhujangar was born from the crescent moon adoring the head of Lord Shiva and had the power of taking the form of a crow-Kaka in Tamil. Those facing problems from Moon and Saturn planets pray in this Samadhi. As Nandhi in the temple is of a calf size, it is called Bala Nandhi-Child Nandhi. Those facing adverse aspects of Rahu-Ketu planets, perform abishek to Balanandhi which turn blue. Lord Vishnu behind Lord Shiva appears with Rudraksha to tell Kakanda Bhujangar that both are but one.

History of Sri Swarnapureeswarar Temple, Tenponparappi

About 1300 years ago, head of the Siddhas, Kakanda Bhunagar performed severe penance on Lord Shiva for 16 years and had the darshan of Lord with 16 faces. He wished that future generations also should have this darshan and be blessed. He made and installed this Shivaling with 16 stripes. King Vanakovarayan ruling this Then Pon Parappi region built this temple with all the features that exclusively belong to the temple.

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