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History and Significance of Sri Swamainatha Swami Temple, Kundukarai 

According to Sthala purana of the place, Lord Muruga was already here before waging the war against demon Soorapanma. He had 11 heads and 22 hands then and grants darshan to devotees in the same Vishwa Rupa posture here. While in other temples Lord Muruga appears as a Guru to His own Father teaching the meaning of Pranava Mantra in a sitting posture on His Disciple Father’s lap, in this temple, He is sitting on the hill while Lord Shiva is standing listening to the teaching. It is said that this posture explains that Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga are but one and not different from each other.

History of Sri Swamainatha Swami Temple, Kundukarai

About 300 years ago, Bhaskara Sethupathi residing then in Ramanathapuram was a regular visitor to Kundukarai temple to worship Lord Muruga. Once, after his return from the pilgrimage to Swamimalai, Lord Muruga appeared in his dream and advised him to replace the old idol in the temple with a new one for the welfare and prosperity of his family. Sethupathi followed Lord’s advice with all devotion. He also named the Lord Swaminathan as in Swamimalai.

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