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History and Significance of Sri Suganthavaneswarar Temple, Perichikoil 

Lord Bhairava appears holding weapons in His eight hands and wearing a garland of skulls. Three are by His side. Sri Baladevar is with Him holding the dog vahan. There is one Bhairava in the mandap before His shrine. As the idol of Kasi Bhairava is made of Navapashana (nine herbals), humans cannot bear the power of the Lord, hence the Vadamala Prasad and abishek theertha are not offered to devotees. The Vadamala is thrown above the shrine. It is also a wonder that even birds do not take this. Arrangements are made to direct the abishek water away from the temple so that devotees do not touch it. Sani Bhagwan in the temple is respected as Bhairav’s disciple with Shiva attributes. He is behind His shrine under the Vanni tree as if he is always worshipping Lord Bhairava. It is said that Lord is gracing Sani Bhagwan with one face not visible to devotees. There is a separate shrine for Mother Sameebavalli. Sameeba in Tamil means nearby. As Mother is always near the Bhaktas-devotees to protect them She is so respectfully named. The Sthala vruksha is Vanni and the theertham is the water in the well. Lord Shiva solemnized the wedding of an orphan girl as His own daughter. When she was abandoned by the husband, He deposed before a panchayat in the form of Vanni tree, well and a Linga. Such an event took place at Madurai also. This tree and well exists in this place also. There are shrines for Lord Dakshinamurthy and Lord Muruga. Four Vinayakas grace the devotees in the Prakara.

History of Sri Suganthavaneswarar Temple, Perichikoil

King Maravarman Sundara Pandian, after winning a war wanted to build a Shiva Temple. He had confusion in finding a suitable location. Lord Shiva appeared in his dream and said that he would find a Shiva Linga in a particular place and the temple should be built there. The king was happy to find the Linga and built this temple. As the location was in the midst of fragrant flowers, Lord is named Sugantha Vaneswarar – Lord amidst gardens of fragrant flowers.

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