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History and Significance of Sri Siddha Natheswarar Temple, Tirunarayur 

This is the place of Avatar of Mahalakshmi. She wedded Lord Perumal and is gracing the devotees from the nearby Nachiarkoil. Presents as silk sari, bathing items as oil and soapnut powder, cooking pot (Pongal Panai) jaggery and such gifts are sent from this temple (Her birth house) on Pongal, Deepavali festival days. Lord Shiva and Mother Ambica visit this Perumal temple the day next to Vaikunda Ekadasi in December-January. Mother Mahalakshmi is an infant in this temple. She is dressed with skirt and gowns as a child and is praised as Mazhalai Mahalakshmi. Gomatha (cow) puja and yajna are performed in this shrine on Fridays and on full moon days with 108 lotus flowers. Lord Muruga is in a separate shrine nearby. Gorakkar, a siddha had to incur a curse of the Devas and was afflicted with skin diseases. He came to this place and worshipped Lord Shiva for relief. Lord granted darshan to Siddha and cured him. Hence, Lord has the name Siddhanatheswara. There is a sculpture of Gorakka Siddha in the temple. Sage Medhavi also is nearby. Those suffering from skin diseases perform abishek to Siddha with oil on full moon days and Fridays and apply it on their body as a medicine for relief.

History of Sri Siddha Natheswarar Temple, Tirunarayur

Sage Medhavi aspired that Mother Mahalakshmi be born his daughter and prayed to Lord Shiva to realize his wish. Lord Shiva spoke to Perumal to allow Mother Mahalakshmi to be born the daughter of the sage which Lord Perumal gladly obliged. Mother Mahalakshmi appeared on a Lotus flower in Panguni Uthira star day in March-April. Maharshi named Her Vanjula Devi, brought Her up and offered to Perumal as His consort. Lord Shiva granting darshan to Rishi is gracing the devotees from this temple.

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