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History and Significance of Sri Semmeninathar Karumbeswarar Temple, Thirukanur 

Mother Parvathi chose this place on earth to perform penance on Lord Shiva. Pleased with Her severe penance, Lord Shiva appeared before Mother in red as fire, hence came to be praised as Semmeni Nathar. Mother is praised as Shiva Yoga Nayaki. It is the faith of people that if couples worship together both Lord and Mother, they also will be blessed with marital life of harmony. Mother of Karikal Cholan was hiding in this place to protect her son from the threats of enemies. As there was no king for the kindom, as followed in those days to choose a king, a royal elephant was sent with a garland to pick up person to head the kingdom. The elephant came to Tirukanur and chose the little boy Karikalan playing there, garlanded him, took him on its back in procession. Thus Karikalan became the king of the Chola kingdom from this place.

History of Sri Semmeninathar Karumbeswarar Temple, Thirukanur

Sage Parasurama is the son of Sage Jamadagni and Renukadevi. During his absence, a king Kartha Veeryarjunan entered the ashram and took away the divine cow Kamadenu by force. Coming to know of the incident, Parasurama set out in fury, killed the king along with 21 Kshatriyas and rescued the cow. Thus, he incurred the Kshatriya dosha. Parasurama worshipped Lord Shiva in this place bathing in the sacred spring and got relieved of the dosha.

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