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History and Significance of Sri Sarguna Lingeswarar (karukudinathar) Temple, Karukudi 

It is noteworthy that Lord and Mother facing east in their wedding form bless the devotees. The place Ena Nallur the birth place of Saint Enadhi Nayanar is nearby. Lord Veena Dakshinamurthy graces from His shrine. Lord Brahmma and king Sarguna had worshipped Lord in this temple. Lord is named after the name of king as Sarguna Lingeswarar.

History of Sri Sarguna Lingeswarar (karukudinathar) Temple, Karukudi

It is believed that Lord Sri Rama worshipped here before proceeding to Lanka. As there was delay in getting a Linga from Hanuman, to keep the puja time, it is said that Sri Rama made a Linga with sand, the Prithvi Linga. The Linga brought by Hanuman is also in the temple as Hanumantha Linga. According to one story that a trader Dananjayan by name incurred leprosy as he had an intercourse with his step mother unknowingly and got cured with his prayers to Lord.

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