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History and Significance of Sri Saraparameswarar Temple, Tirucherai 

Tiruchearai Lord Saraparameswara is also praised in the name of Chenneri Appar meaning that the Lord shows all the people the righteous way of living. There is also a Vishnu Temple nearby known as Pancha Kshetra.This is the only temple where three Durgas, Shiva Durga, Vaishnavi Durga and Vishnu Durga grace the devotees from one shrine. Lamp worship is followed in this shrine during the Rahukalam time – 90 minutes in each day will be Rahukalam. The timing differs each day.After worshipping the Navagrahas (9 planets) and Sri Nataraja, Bhairava graces from His shrine. Bhairava appears here with a tattoo on his left upper arm with a trident and bell, a depiction only in this temple. Saint Tirunavukkarasar has sung the grace of Bhairava of this temple in his Thevaram hymn. The song describes Bhairava as Lord Shiva Himself.Devotees offer garlands made of Vada (a pudding fried in oil) to Bhairava on Ashtami day (8th day from new moon or full moon day), perform archana with 1000 names (Sahasranama) for relief from the adverse aspects of the planets and for success in litigations.Sun worship: Sun worshipped Lord Shiva in many places offering his apologies to Lord for participating in the Yagna of Daksha against His wish. Tirucherai is one among them. Symbolising this, the rays of Sun falls on the Lord and the feet of Mother Gnambikai on 13, 14 and 15th day of Masi Month (February-March). Sun worship is very ardently performed these days. Special pujas are performed in the temple during the whole Masi month in the morning hours.The name of the place had changed from Arai or Chetrur as Cherai or Tirucherai. The place is noted for its fertility in the Thevaram hymns.

History of Sri Saraparameswarar Temple, Tirucherai

Sage Markandeya installed a Linga for his own soul satisfaction near the Vinayaka in this temple and had been worshipping the Lord, praised as Rina (debts) Vimochana (released and discharged) Lingeswarar (God).Everyone aspires for a comfortable life. Despite health, education and wisdom, if poverty creeps in, life becomes miserable and involves one in borrowings and debts. People pray to Lord Rina Vimochana Lingeswara here to spare them from such events in life. They offer prayers on 11 Mondays performing archanas and participate in the abishek ceremony finally on the 11th Monday to realize their prayers. Devotees firmly believe that this prayer would offer solution for all their problems and endow them with a life free of debt and blessed with children, education and material progress.The Lord is Swayambumurthy. The holy tree Mavilangai has only leaves during the first four months of the year, only white flowers during the next four months and with none of these during the remaining four months of the year. The rays of Sun falls on the presiding deity Lord Sara Parmeswara and on the feet of the Mother on 13, 14 and 15th of Masi month.

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