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History and Significance of Sri Sankaralingaswami Temple, Kodarangulam 

It is a common fight in our families as to who is great – the bride’s or the bridegroom family. Mother Uma is the first to establish the truth that both are equal, none high, none low. To confirm this truth, Lord Shiva gave Her a darshan in a combined form as Sankara Narayana. As such a darshan is not that easy, Mother Gomathi undertook a severe penance. This is known as ‘Aadi Thapasu’ – penance in the month of Aadi – July-August. This is a famous festival in Sankarankoil in this district. This is followed in Kodarankulam also near Ambasamudram known as South Sankarankoil. Kodarankulam is on the banks of the confluence of Tambiraparani-Manimutharu Rivers. Lord Shiva holds the powers of the planets Rahu and Ketu here. During the Aadi Thapasu, Mother Gomati graces from a Mandap for the penance. Lord Shiva appears as Sankara Narayanan and Sankara Lingam. The wedding with Mother Gomathi follows then. The temple is such that both Lord and Mother grace from their shrines with separate flag posts-Kodimaram. The Adhikara Nandi traditionally seen before the shrine of Lord Shiva is before the shrine of Mother Gomathi. Sankara Narayana graces from another shrine.

History of Sri Sankaralingaswami Temple, Kodarangulam

There was a Shiva devotee here living on alms. Before eating, he used to place a little rice to the crow as traditionally followed in Hindu families. One day, the crow took the rice to a jungle nearby, placed it at a spot and worshipped there with flowers. He dug the place and found a Swayambu Linga and began to perform puja with flowers. As he did not return to the village, they searched for him and found him when he immersed himself with the Shivalinga. This came to be known as Sankaralingam. Lord graces in this temple facing north. There are two snakes on His body both in front and back. To avoid snake and scorpion bites, people use to place metal plates embossed with figures of these creatures in the hundi. They also put pepper and salt in the shrine. When Mother was in penance, the Devas came there for his darshan in the guise of cows. Seeing Her looking so bright, they named the Mother Gomathi –Go means cows and Mathi bright as full moon. As Mother protected the cows- Aa in Tamil, She is also known as Aavudai Amman.

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